Wednesday, 15 July 2015


So, where was I?

Oh yeah, I was awaiting the arrival of baby numero dos. And she finally arrived last Thursday morning at 11:39am, weighing a healthy, ahem, nine pounds!

My blogging therefore, was placed on the back burner while we welcomed baby Anna to her new home. Mama Bear and I are just about settling back into the late night feeds and to no one's surprise I am a bit of a grump on two hours kip!

Beautiful baby

She is worth the sleep deprivation however. We are both besotted and big sister Grace is (I think) happy to share space with this helpless wee thing. I genuinely don't think there is anything more cute than seeing big sister give little sister a wee kiss on the forehead.

Although Anna was a healthy weight, she is definitely still just a teeny baby and you forget just how little they actually do in the beginning. Sleep, eat, puke, poo, sleep. On the occasions she does stay awake, she is very alert to all her surroundings and already showing the same strong neck as her sister did. Newborns are obviously floppy little things but honestly, she can hold that head up quite impressively. I know some folks are totally against bottle feeding but we've done it with Grace and now Anna, and both babies seem to be perfectly healthy (other than the odd projectile). The only thing I will say about formula is the smell. It is seriously seriously bad. Like blue cheese left out in the heat kinda bad.


We will no doubt be welcoming visitors in the coming days. I think most people generally give it a few days before showing up to offer their tributes. So far, we've just had the grandparents, which has been nice and being given time to get to know Anna has been welcome.

So that's pretty much been my life for the past few days. We have tried to get out and were on our way to Glasgow's Botanic Gardens on Monday for a wee wander but the typical Scottish summer scuppered our adventure. Mid-July and the rain is at times, depressing. I actually don't mind the odd downpour but sometimes it just goes on and on...and on.

The sun seems to be keeking through the sky today though, so we're off to Loch Lomond for a family outing (expect pics!). 

Oh, and it was our anniversary yesterday! Three years married already and eight years together in total. Time flies when you're having fun...and buying houses, paying bills and having babies.

Lake Garda, Honeymoon, 2012

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