Wednesday, 16 September 2015

How to instantly improve LinkedIn

So, I think we can all agree; LinkedIn kinda sucks.

Sure, you can show off your pimped up CV to the world and connect with complete strangers for absolutely no reason...but the user experience is awful.

What's it about anyway?

I often hear LinkedIn being touted as 'Facebook for business people'. Which I suppose might make sense, given that it has its own timeline feature, you can have profile and banner pics, and you can create your own company page too. But, on all counts it massively fails in comparison to the Zuckerberg giant.

Whenever, I look at my main LinkedIn timeline I see a hotch-potch mix of status updates, sponsored rubbish, viral 'inspirational' graphics and suggested roles for me (usually based more than 100 miles from my home). If I do see something that interests me but I choose to click on something else first and come back...when I click back on my browser, my timeline has totally and inexplicably changed!

A simple solution

And this is where my bug bear and solution comes in - the timeline. Twitter, Facebook and Google+ all allow you to categorise your connections and who you follow. LinkedIn doesn't. Of all the social networks, LinkedIn is the one which TOTALLY SHOULD have this feature.

What a treat it would be to be able to stick all my colleagues into one (let's call it a) bundle while all my acquaintances, influencers and friends in to other bundles. I could, if I wanted to, bypass the main timeline altogether and go straight to the people who post quality content and avoid the 'First Word You See' wordsearches (*shudders*).

Another awesome Facebook feature, which would naturally improve LinkedIn would be the ability to unfollow other users without disconnecting from them. Again, this would instantly enhance the user experience in regards to the status updates and post notifications you see.

So there. Two easily adaptable/easily stolen features for LinkedIn to consider. Because at present, I just can't be bothered with it and the only reason I log in is for my company page.

What do you think?

Oh oh oh! And one more - as an administrator on a company page with reporting responsibilities, would it KILL LinkedIn to develop an export function!? Seriously folks, get on it.

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